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"This is one of the best courses I have ever attended! I came into this course with very little knowledge of dry needling and feel I have gained so much confidence in incorporating this into my daily practice. Luke is down to earth while still able to convey the risks and real concerns of needling. Awesome course! I would recommend this to anyone interested in needling!

                                                                                                           -Julie, DPT


"This was honestly the best continuing education course I have ever attended. I benefited from the detailed anatomical review and look forward to implementing dry needling in my clinical practice!"

                                                                                                          -Rob, DPT

"I feel I learned more from this course compared to all my other CEU courses combined!"

                                                                                                           -Krystal, DPT

"Love, love, love the orthopedic foundation of the course! Great incorporation of dry needling ideas with traditional orthopedic physical therapy."

                                                                                                          - Kristin DPT, OCS, COMT

"This course is no doubt worth every penny and will instantly improve your future patients. The value gained from this class was far beyond what I imagined. You have done the world of PT a solid!"

                                                                                                          - Andrew, DPT

"Could not have had a better instructor. I've been a PT for 25 years and Luke's talent in teaching and the course content have been the best continuing ed course of my career!"

                                                                                                         - Patrick, PT

"I've been to many CE courses and I think this has been the most well delivered and run course in my 21 years of treating patients."                                               - Ron, PT

"Loved that it was convenient. They came to us! The instructors were detailed and they were fun to be around and made it enjoyable."                                          - Anonymous, PT

"I'm a better PT because of this class! Instructors were not only highly trained, they were good people."                                                                                        - Anonymous, PT

"Both instructors were awesome! They made sure we were completely comfortable and provided the right amount of feedback for skill set instruction! Great class! Excited to have the opportunity to learn dry needling."                                                                       -Anonymous, PT

"Putting it all together with case studies and setting up example treatments really makes me feel prepared to use in the clinical setting. I can't wait to add this to my practice!"

                                                                                                          -Christy, DPT

"Luke is awesome. He did a great job with the material and is a very good teacher. Excellent instruction to ensure corret technique and safety."                  -Anonymous, PT

"I enjoyed the lectures and like that they take the safer approach. Comfortable and effective teacher-love the colored pictures in the manual!"                                  -Anonymous, PT

"I enjoyed the small class size and availability of the instructor. Instructor is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Overall, it was great and very well presented! We appreciate you traveling to teach us dry needling. This helped me attend with a busy family life and little travel availability"

                                                                                                             -Kelly, DPT 

"The information was presented very well, logical, and thorough - great teaching!"

                                                                                                            - Anonymous, PT

"I feel like a real PT again! It's easy to get bogged down with paperwork/documentation, routines, etc. By learning a new skill set and refreshing my anatomy knowledge, I feel ready to treat my patient's more effectively when returning to the clinic!             -Jennifer, DPT

"I felt the background literature and lectures helped me understand dry needling and the lab portions really opened up my view on how to treat and manage musculoskeletal pain. I would absolutely take another course from Luke! This course was intense but very rewarding!"

                                                                                                             -Richard, PT

"I was initially intimidated to take the course, but Luke was a great instructor and made everyone feel comfortable. Great course! Highly recommended!"                  -Kiona, DPT

"I thought the course was very well done! I don't think I could have learned anything else! My brain is full!"                                                                                                     -Elizabeth, DPT

"This was one of the best taught and presented courses I have been to in quite some time. Luke is an excellent teacher and very hands on which makes you feel confident in your ability to take this back to your clinic and use immediately!"                                             -Wallace, PT

"Luke, thank you for all your personal time spent preparing for this course. It does not go unnoticed. This course is worth every penny. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in dry needling."                                                                                            -David, DPT

"Loved the large detailed pics in the manual as well as the clinical set ups that were very practical. Loved having plenty of assistance during lab by instructors to ensure technique was appropriate. Great class, really enjoyed it! Will definitely recommend to others!"

                                                                                                              -Katie, DPT

"Luke presented the material in a very enthusiastic but practical manner. His knowledge base was excellent and faculty were very helpful to "novice" students in learning techniques for use in clinical application. Great sense of humor - really enjoyed it and I've done a lot of CEUs in 30 years!!"

                                                                                                              -Ruth, PT

"Game changer for my clinic! This skill is going to affect so many of my patients in such a positive way. So excited to implement immediately!"                               -Eric, PT

"What a great outlet to allow you to complete all of your requirements quickly and conveniently. Course material was great and instructors were knowledgeable and accommodating. Look forward to carrying my new skill back to my patients! Thanks Luke!"    -Ryan, DPT, OCS

"This was a great course at a great price! Luke was easy going and incredibly knowledgeable on the subject. I can instantly apply these skills to my practice in a safe and confident manner. Thanks Luke and Ronnie."                                                                                        - Stephen, DPT

"Could not have had a better instructor. Course material was very applicable to clinical setting. Great course in relation to levels of education and time efficiency."  - Colton, DPT

"Luke is a great instructor and you leave with good clinical knowledge to help your patients!"

                                                                                                               - Samantha, DPT

"Excellent course! I feel like I will be able to safely apply dry needling when I return to clinic."

                                                                                                               - Mark, DPT, OCS

"Excellent! Could not be more pleased to have selected this course for my DN education. Thank you!"                                                                                                      - Wesley, DPT

"What I liked the most about this course was the small group setting, good staff to student ratio, positive environment, time efficient lectures, and high energy leaders."

                                                                                                               - Travis, DPT

"Great course! Enjoyed two back-to-back weekends. Excited to begin needling ASAP!"

                                                                                                              - Lauren, DPT

"Great course compared to other dry needling courses I've attended."

                                                                                                              - Anonymous, DPT

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