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Can't commit to two weekends in a row? No problem! We have many flexible options that will allow you to take the first part of the series and schedule the second part of the series at a later date. You can pay for both upfront or we can divide payments to suite your needs!

Practice Act Requirements

It is the student's responsibility to know their practice act requirements. For instance, Mississippi previously required a therapist to practice for three years prior to being credentialed to perform dry needling. If you are unsure if your state has a minimum years of practice requirement, please verify with your board or practice act prior to registration.

Registration by Mail

Online registration is preferred; however, we understand some health systems require business checks to be written instead of using a credit card. Checks can be mailed to:

MS Dry Needling Education, LLC

PO Box 1594

Oxford, MS 38655

Once the check is mailed, please email with name, address, phone number, and PT license number along with the class dates for which you are registering. A confirmation email will be sent after receipt of payment.

Cancellation Policy

Prior to 30 days from the registered course, a participant may receive a refund of the full tuition minus 15% for administrative fees. Prior to 30 days from the registered course, a participant may transfer their tuition to another scheduled course with a seat opening for no additional fees applied. If less than 30 days to a registered course, the participant will not be eligible for a refund, but may transfer funds to another scheduled course with a seat opening for no additional fees applied. MS Dry Needling Education, LLC reserves the right to cancel any course, although every effort will be made to ensure that does not happen. If a course is cancelled, the participant will be entitled to a full refund or be allowed to transfer the funds to another scheduled course. MS Dry Needling Education, LLC will not be financially responsible for any airfare, hotel, or any other personal travel expenses if a course is cancelled.


Important Notices

  • Course open to licensed clinicians. License will be verified upon arrival on first day of course.

  • Release, Waiver, Indemnification, Hold Harmless, Assumption of Risk form will be signed on first day of course

  • It is vital to your patient care that you have experienced dry needling in an educational setting. As a requirement of the course, you must be prepared to perform dry needling on a partner and have a partner perform dry needling on you.     

  • The following is a list of the most common precautions/contraindication to dry needling therapy: Spontaneous bleeding or bruising,  Irregular heartbeat, Taking anti-coagulant therapy, Compromised immune system, Previous adverse reaction to acupuncture or dry needling therapy, Seizure induced by previous medical procedure, Unstable diabetes, Unstable angina, Congenital or acquired heart valve disease, Recent cardiac surgery or congestive cardiac failure, Recent radiotherapy, Varicose veins, Malignancy, Pregnancy, Eczema or psoriasis, Peripheral neuropathy, Recurrent infections, Epilepsy, Chronic edema or Lymphedema, Acute cardiac arrhythmia's, Open skin wounds or injuries, Allergy to Nickel or Chromium, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B or C     

  • We strongly advise that you consult your medical doctor if you have any of these pre-existing conditions to confirm that it is safe for you to attend the practical course. We also ask that you contact us for clearance prior to registration.     

  • Please contact us if you have had cosmetic or surgical implants inserted into your body including but not exclusive to breast, buttock or pectoral implants or implanted electrical devices such as Interstim, Pacemaker, or Spinal Stimulator. Implants will not prevent registration, but precautions will need to be taken when being needled.     

  • We strongly recommend that all students ensure that they are currently vaccinated against Hepatitis B.     

  • The course series will be intensive. It is imperative that your manual palpation skills are strong and that you have a strong knowledge of anatomy. You will receive a list of muscles after registration. It is imperative to have a working knowledge of the origins, insertions, and innervation with nerve roots of the muscles we will be treating. This will require studying prior to the course.

  • Those individuals who do not pass both Written and Practical testing will be required to re-take the material which may incur further registration fees. Read, study, and be prepared!

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