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Can't commit to two weekends or don't have enough money in your budget? No problem. The course series can be split into individual courses to meet your needs! This is a unique opportunity to have a 27 hour Dry Needling course (Level 1 or Level 2) conducted in your clinic, in a schedule that works for you, and in a small class environment. The idea is that I incur the travel and lodging expenses and show up to your clinic to teach your staff. I wouldn’t be advertising in your area and trying to fill up a class with lots of folks. The idea here is small as to only have one Instructor (me) and just the staff of a clinic. The class size would be 5 minimum and a maximum of 8. It wouldn’t be a typical “hosting” but more like a paid in-service. The Courses in Your Clinic rate varies slightly depending on location with $1100 per therapist being the cheapest and $1250 per therapist being the most it would cost. When you compare that price to Kinetacore ($1500 for one course) and Integrative Dry Needling ($1295 for one course), it is an insane deal and you wouldn't be incurring any travel expenses for your employees! There aren't any hidden fees or expenses. 5 therapists x $1100 per therapist = $5500.00* Email luke@msdryneedling.com for more information!


*Price varies by location with $1100 per therapist being least expensive and $1250 per therapist being most expensive.

Courses In Your Clinic (Single Course)

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    Contact luke@msdryneedling.com for date availability and to discuss specifics including contract details.