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Want to have a virtual course in your house with a friend? We offer a hybrid mix of recorded lectures and live virtually supervised labs! Price is $1500 per clinician per course scheduled at your convenience! Contact for scheduling.


*All dry needling laboratory activities will be supervised by a live course instructor viewing each dry needling technique via a video conference. Students must complete all pre-recorded lectures and ten supervised labs. The supervised lab activities can be scheduled in the evenings or weekends until all sessions are complete. 


*Please include a valid shipping address. Dry needling course materials will be shipped to your address including course manuals, needles, sharps containers, alcohol wipes, etc.


*Please be familiar with your dry needling practice act. Some states require "face to face" for all dry needling training and will not accept any virtual components such as pre-recorded lectures. 

Private Virtual Course for Two

  • Date Availability

    Contact for date availability and to discuss course specifics.

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